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  • Bodhi Linux

    Escuelas Linux is a distribution based on Bodhi Linux. It includes a lot of educational software and can be installed on almost any PC, either in 32-bit or 64-bit.
    As we use the Ubuntu repositories, you also can have access to more than 47000 packages, additionally to the ones we include.

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  • Everything is ready to use

    Escuelas Linux gives you most of the included apps thoroughly curated, ready to be used. You do not need to compile, search for extensions nor do anything strange to have your apps working at their best.

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  • The world of Free Software in education

    Escuelas Linux is used today in hundreds of educational environments, from preschool to high school, in 136 countries and counting.

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  • Installation

    Escuelas Linux is a low-resource distribution. As it uses Moksha as the graphical interface, the RAM and disk requirements are very low, making it possible to install it even on computers with at least 512 MB of RAM and 40 GB of hard disk space.
    Do you want to test before installing? Escuelas Linux can work on “Live” mode, from the same USB stick you would use to install it.

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  • Our own tools

    Escuelas Linux includes essential tools for its use in classrooms, such as our apps RestoreUser (to restore all the included apps to their default settings) and ReinstateUser (to fix all the included apps to their default settings, as well as delete all user files from the account).
    As for the desktop, you can make changes, but it would return to its default state after a reboot, a convenient feature on public access environments. Nevertheless, if you need the desktop unlocked or make changes to it, we also have apps to do it with ease. Everything is on our System menu.

  • Included software

    Escuelas Linux has many relevant apps that can be used at school or home. On office suites, we include LibreOffice and OnlyOffice; on Graphics, we include apps such as Gimp, Krita, and Inskcape, all that you could need to work and have fun, always with low resource consumption.
    We also include web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome/Chromium, and many other apps to have everything you need at your fingertips.
  • Educational software

    Escuelas Linux includes a superb selection of educational apps to serve users of all ages.
    For the little ones, there are apps such as TuxPaint and GCompris; for the kids, TuxMath and Scratch, for the young ones are available WxMaxima, Geogebra, Kalzium, and many more.

  • Developer Pack

    Do you want to create sophisticated apps on Escuelas Linux? Then download and use the Escuelas Linux Developer Pack.
    The Developer Pack is an add-on that you can optionally install on top of Escuelas Linux. Doing so would give you access to Android Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans, Git, App Inventor, PseInt, Karel J. Robot Simulator, and SQLite, among others.

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Escuelas Linux 8.2

Better, on the path of continuous improvement. Meet our new release, loaded with updated apps and relevant bug fixes.

Escuelas Linux arrives with its 8.2 release, offering a highly polished and beautiful environment to run educational software and general-purpose apps. Come to see, and enjoy what we offer in the Free Software movement.

Updated apps

-Audacity 3.3.2 [64][32*]
Edit and process your audio files.

-Blender 3.5 [64][32*]
Work in 3D and 2D worlds with one of the industry standards...


Escuelas Linux arrives with its new edition, 8.1

More than a month after the start of our brand-new, completely redesigned 8.x series, Escuelas Linux offers its first point update to provide several packages and bug fixes.

We offer the following apps for the 64-bit architecture, listed in alphabetical order:

-Audacity 3.2.5

-Balena Etcher 1.18.4

-Firefox 110

-GIMP 2.10.34...


Escuelas Linux 8.0

This is the new chapter of our history. Meet our 25th-anniversary edition!

There is no better way to celebrate 25 years of our struggle to promote Free and Open Source software in educational environments than to release a brand new version of Escuelas Linux.

We could not have reached this anniversary version without the help of thousands of persons who contribute to the Linux ecosystem, one of the colossal collective creations in human history.

Escuelas Linux 8.0 64-bit relies on the upcoming Bodhi Linux 7.0 and the well-tested Ubuntu 22.04; Escuelas Linux 8.0 32-bit relies on Bodhi Linux 6.0 and the proven Debian 11 Bullseye...